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Course Representation


Your chance to improve your academic experience.
If you're looking for an extracurricular activity that will genuinely improve your chances of getting a good job after you finish your course, look no further than becoming a Course Rep. Become a Senior Course Rep, and you will even receive a volunteer payment in return for your commitment.


What you will do...


Course Reps

Course Rep places at CU Scarborough are unlimited – if you have the passion and drive to represent your peers then there is a place for you within the Rep System. You can apply to be a Course Rep at any time of the year.

  • Seek out the views and opinions of others on your course
  • Attend Student Forums to discuss student feedback (4 compulsory and 2 optional per year)
  • Feedback responses from the Student Forum to students
  • Receive a certificate at end of the year


Senior Course Reps

Senior Course Reps are an integral part of the Course Rep system. As well as representing their peers, they are also responsible for leading student forum meetings as chairs or minute takers and training course reps in their forum. Senior Course Reps are eligible for a £50 volunteer payment for fulfilling the role over the academic year.

Places are limited to two per student forum and we interview candidates for any vacancies.

  • Attend training
  • Promote the Rep System
  • Recruit, train and mentor Course Reps
  • Chair or Minute Student Forums
  • Attend other Rep/University meetings
  • Receive a certificate and volunteer payment of up to £100

Sign up to be Course Rep or Senior Rep here.