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Current location: Coventry

Welcome to One World Week 2021

12-16 April 2021

We've partnered with Erasmus Student Network Coventry and Coventry University International Office to bring you a huge variety of activities, taking place throughout the week.

We know it's a busy time right now, so most of our events for One World Week can be enjoyed in your own time, wherever you are in the world!

The Schedule

  • Monday 12th

    Global Communication Exploring how we can improve communication across the world, and appreciate new languages and communication styles.

  • Tuesday 13th

    Culture, Food & Wellbeing Exploring how food and culture are at the heart of our communities and physical & mental wellbeing.

  • Wednesday 14th

    Global Community Exploring how we can stay connected across the world, and fight isolation no matter where we are.

  • Thursday 15th

    Global Activism Exploring how we can all take action on global issues to make change.

  • Friday 16th

    International Spotlight Shining a spotlight on our incredible international students and their achievements.

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