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Include Me Campaign

We are aiming, to take the 'Include Me pledge' and develop a plan of action, to create a more accessible campus for everyone. We want to improve marketing, facilities, communication and physical accessibility to be more inclusive on campus. Join the campaign, and help us to shape the decisions we take. 

Face Covering Exception

We want to support students & staff who may feel more comfortable to wear something that highlights to others they are exempt from wearing a face covering. Your Disabled Students Community have created a number of free badges available for you to order if you wish to wear one on campus, however this is a personal choice, and is not a requirement by the university or in law. We will be working closely with the university to raise awareness among staff and students of face covering exemption, to ensure that no one is treated unfairly or discriminated against, if they are not wearing a face covering.

Face Covering Exception Badge

Ref: P10040510

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