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The Inter Faith Community doesn't currently have an officer - it could be you!

The Inter Faith Community is a space to share your ideas, opinions and concerns about being an Inter Faith student at Coventry University.

We organise events, share news, campaign, suggest policy, and do what we can to make Coventry University a better space for Inter Faith individuals.

The Community isn't just for individuals of faith, and it's entirely up to you how involved you want be. Join the Community to include Inter Faith content in your personalised news and updates.

News, policy, and actions

5 Tips for Self-Isolation and Social Distancing

We know that self-isolation & social distancing can feel challenging, read our 5 tips for self-care during this time and how we'll be supporting you with them

How do you spend your time between classes?

You probably have gaps between lectures, are you making the most of them?


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Sorry! We haven't got any upcoming events, but check back soon :)