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Current location: Coventry

Candidate for the position of CU London Campus Officer



Working together, there is no limit on our achievements.



I have previously served as a course representative, President of the campuses first society, and the senior campus representative (representing all students on the campus to the CU Group). In my capacity as a course representative, I succeeded in influencing change in the campus through listening to students and delivering those issues to senior management and then pushing for an outcome. I was able to change the policy that prohibited hot drinks in class rooms and change the closing times of the campus of assignment deadline days to allow students to stay until their deadline had passed. I headed petitions and handled complaints and forwarded them to the relevant persons and supervised the outcome. 


I then went on to found the first society on our campus, the law society, something that I am immensely proud of. The role of the society was to firstly give its members (any students from any course) a platform to control their education as a collective of students and a platform to voice their concerns and views of the campus, the society also serves the purpose of arranging social and educational events, arranging work experience placements, inviting in guest speakers, all of this in the grasp of students. That is a vision I have for the campus, I believe that the students of CU London require a better platform to voice their views and concerns and influence change. Currently, we can only push our views so far until they become just another item on the universities busy agenda, with a student giving the students such a platform, we can change things for ourselves. I believe I can help us to achieve this. As the senior campus representative, I was able to take the concerns raised by the students representatives in their forum meetings to the wider CU Group and ensure that the relevant action was being taken to address issues that students had. 


If elected by you, I will strive to give students a campus experience that they want, I want to transform the campus into one full of social activities drawing together students from other courses, working with all of the students to achieve something that we all enjoy and an environment in which we all feel heard. I would encourage the formation of more societies with many different backgrounds, I have heard students mention sports based societies, cultural based societies and these are all ideas that I believe would bring courses together and allow us to meet people that we would not ordinarily meet. I would like to greatly increase the campuses social and academic calendar so that is jam packed full of events for the students. I truly want to bring students together in a way not yet seen at CU London, I do not want any of us to miss out on the social and academic extracurricular activities that are seen at universities across the UK. We deserve the same and we shall get the same. In the absence on the students union in the campuses first year, students missed out on the services of the students union, let us make up for that lost time by creating a unique students union, lets give the students for the first time the power to control their own campus experience. 


We can do this by working with the university, working with the wider students union and working together to formulate plans for how we want to spend our time at this university. If we want a common area, we can campaign for it, if we want more social activities, a more student environment, we can campaign for it and with the platform a formal student led students union will give us, for the first time we have a real voice. 


I want to work with my colleagues to design a process in which students can book appointments directly with the campus officer to voice their concerns giving the student another confidential platform where they can raise concerns, ideas, complaints, petitions and request representation or backing from the students union. This would give students multiple channels to be heard, through their course representatives or through a direct meeting with their campus officer. 


So many ideas have already been passed to me from nights at the theatre, to termly sporting events and competitions, food events that embrace the many cultures of our university, nights out and much more, together we can make that list grow.  Leadership based on passion is the best kind and that is what I have. Here is a list of what I hope to achieve: 


  1. Create clear channels of communication between the students union and the student 
  2. Work with the students to create a student centres university experience at CU London 
  3. Promote the creation of many diverse societies that are both socially and academically founded
  4. Increase the relevance of the students union to students at CU London 
  5. Work with the university and the course representatives to create positive change
  6. Create a platform better for students to truly voice their ideas and concerns to the university  
  7. Establish a student events committee dedicated to creating many social and academic events throughout the year. 
  8. Bring together students from different courses through events and societies
  9. Push for a student common room area at CU London 
  10. Work with the university to create a student friendly environment in the local community 
  11. Boost awareness of the CUSU’s confidential advice service open to all students on a range of issues.
  12. Create a confidential, student led service at CU London for students to raise any issues.
  13. Incorporate links to the CUSU pages with Moodle to ease the online user experience for students. 
  14. Ensure that CUSU is a platform for students to push subjects that they feel passionate about and let us be a force for good. 


I hope I can count on your support and have a chance to make a change. Working together, there is no limit on our achievements.