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Current location: Coventry

Don Quixote - Russian State Ballet and Opera House

Time and Venue

Belgrade Theatre, Belgrade Square, Coventry, CV1 1GS
15/11/2019, 19:30
15/11/2019, 21:30
Don Quixote - Russian State Ballet and Opera House

Friday 15 November, Don Quixote will introduce a dash of Spanish passion to the programme, combining spectacular choreography with high emotion, drama and unforgettable characters in the classic, comic tale of an unlikely would-be hero. An avid reader and daydreamer, Don Quixote delights in stories of brave knights, fabulous giants and other fantastical creatures. Carried away with his imagination, he begins to believe his reveries are real, and sets off on a series of adventures to battle evil and seek the favour of his beloved Dulcinea.



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