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CUSU Refreshers and Sports Fair

Downstairs in The Hub and Square One

23/01/2018, 10:30 - 23/01/2018, 15:30

CUSU Refreshers and Sports Fair

Does your New Year’s resolution involve getting fit and healthy? Or maybe you've decided it is time for a challenge.

Head down to our Refreshers and Sports Fair to see all the clubs and teams CUSU has to offer.

We also have a bucket load of freebies to give away. Whether you fancy a slice of Dominoes pizza, a sip of bubble tea or some CUSU goodies, we have it all for you, as well as some amazing student discount deals! 

Stalls include:

+ CUSU Freebies                   + Painballing 
+ Dominoes                            + Women's Rugby Union

+ Snow Sports                       + Penny Appeal 
+ Men's Basketball                + Dodgeball 

+ Oxfam                                 + Water Sports 
+  Weightlifting                       + Bubble Boa 

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