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Dr. Bike - Oct 22nd
22nd October 10am - 4pm
Bike racks between the library and ECB
Come along for a free bike check-up!
Dr Bike - Nov 6th
6th November 10am - 4pm
Bike racks between the library and ECB
Come along for a free bike check-up!

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Community News

Meet Your New Volunteering Community Officer || Alexandra Nebancea

Alexandra has been a key member of the Volunteering Community, from project leading on Make A Difference Days, attending Volunteering Community meetings and being a leading member of the Student Volunteer Team

Volunteering Newsletter - 16th October

Get all the information about what's going on in the Volunteering Community! With new opportunities added every week, you won't want to miss out!

Bungalow life: The students living sustainably on campus

The Sustainability Bungalow at Keele University is home to students who spend a year learning to live sustainably.

As a new group of students move in at the start of the current academic year, photographer Alice Zoo meets last year's residents and learns how it changed their outlook.

Volunteering Gave Me Confidence

When Randa Alsomali (pictured) from Saudi Arabia was considering where to do her Master’s degree, she did a lot of research before choosing to come to Coventry and, in the end, she is really glad she did!

Picture of CUSU staff in pink for breast cancer awareness month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month @ CUSU

Did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? We've been turning CUSU pink, showing our support and raising awareness of breast cancer. Read on to find our more, including how to check yourself and support available.

Sustainability Skills Survey

Share your thoughts on where you study and your future employment to be in with a chance of winning a fantastic £500 or one of ten £50 second prizes!

Protect Our Species

Nature is beautiful and thus it should be protected and sustained. Some of the major lessons I learnt from the animated movie Rio in 2011 is the beauty of nature and the importance of protecting endangered species.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For help...

Meet Marzana Your Wellbeing & Mental Health Community Chair! When you meet someone who is passionate about Wellbeing and Mental health, it is hard not to get swept up by their enthusiasm.
This is the case when you first meet Marzana Mehdi, the new Chair of CUSU’s Wellbeing and Mental Health Community.

Supermarket Food Waste Petition!

Are you sick and tired of seeing the astronomical amount of food that's wasted by supermarkets everyday??? If so, sign Fatima's petition today to help lobby supermarkets to be more green!

Best Decision I Ever Made...

When talking to 1st year student, Alexandra Nebancea, it was hard not to be caught up in her enthusiasm about life, the universe and everything!