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Talk Trash! (with your landlord)

Talk Trash! (with your landlord!)

Is the bin strike getting you down? Does it feel like you're buried under a mountain of rubbish from an overflowing bin that hasn’t been emptied for weeks?

As you may know, since January 2022, there has been an ongoing refuse collection strike in Coventry, meaning bin lorry drivers are not collecting refuse in the city. Though the current strikes are due to end on Thursday, March 24, the drivers are now set to vote for renewed strike action, that would see the strikes run right through the spring, including May.

Coventry City Council are working with a private contractor in order to collect waste, however as a student, you may still be experiencing disruption if you're living in private accomodation in the city.

Did you know?

If you are living in a private shared house with three or more housemates, you are likely to be living in a house of multiple occupancy, or HMO. The landlord of your HMO may have more legal responsibilities than you think. You will be paying them rent not just for a place to live, but to ensure that place is as safe, adequate and risk free as possible.

What this means for you...

Why not try talking trash with your landlord? In your HMO, your landlord has a legal responsibility to ensure there are enough bins to store all your rubbish. So, if the bin strike means you are currently lacking space to store your rubbish in a safe and hygienic way, you are perfectly in your rights to politely approach your landlord about the issue.

Even if you're not in an HMO, your landlord or accommodation provider should be there to ensure you are living in a clean and safe environment and should always be ready to help. So it is always worth having a chat to see what they can do to resolve the problem.

How To Talk Trash!

  • Outline the problem to your landlord.
  • Ask if they can provide any additional secure storage so that you can hygienically secure your rubbish, or support you by taking your rubbish to a refuse site in a vehicle. 
  • You can also ask if your landlord has any other ways of removing the rubbish from your house, however, always keep in mind that they are not legally required to do this.
  • You can find your nearest waste drop site on the Coventry City Council website

What if this doesn’t work?

If having a safe, secure place to store your overflowing rubbish is still a problem for you after speaking to your landlord... The Students’ Union Advice Centre are here for you.

They can advise you on the type of property you are living in and what that means for your rights. If appropriate, they can also help negotiate with your landlord to see if another solution is possible. Just drop them a message on their online enquiry form. It couldn’t be easier.

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