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Current location: Coventry

The scheme has carried out many successful events since it began, from promoting recycling, student welfare and good relations between local residents, to collecting for charity. The following are just a few of the many successes the Wardens have been a part of since the scheme started.

Naul's Mill Park Gardening

This year we teamed up with the Sustainability Committee and Friends of Naul's Mill Park community group to organise a big gardening event! Our group of student volunteers, alongside the community group and Park rangers, worked on a variety of activities round the park to maintain the beauty of the area. Photos from the day can be viewed on the CUSU Sustainability Facebook page.

British Heart Foundation Patrols

Towards the end of the 2017/18 academic year the Student Wardens helped distribute BHF donation bags and leaflets to students and local residents living nearby the University. Often when students leave for the summer holiday they can't take all their belongings so we were encouraging them to donate their unwanted items and make use of the donation banks around the university instead of throwing them away.

Easter Safety Event

In response to concerns over burglaries of student occupied properties, the Student Warden's partnered with the Campus Liaison Officer and the University Protection Service to run an Easter themed safety event. The purpose of this was to make students more aware of how to keep their property safe over the holiday period when this can be a key target for thieves. The 2 day event proved to be another success for the Wardens as we were able to engage a good number of students in our activities and more importantly educate them on how to keep safe!

Table Tennis Tournament

As part of the Student Warden’s campaign to engage students in student housing, the Wardens conducted a table tennis tournament for students in Unite’s Callice Court and Gosford Gate. This event proved a great success by bringing students together, relieve some exam stress, as well as provide a great opportunity for the Wardens to spread their message of staying safe in Coventry, recycling and respecting the community.

The Big Litter Pick

Early 2017 saw another ‘Go Green’ initiative, where the Student Wardens along with local residents conducted a big litter pick across Gosford Park and surrounding areas. This was to raise awareness of litter, fly tipping and ultimately show just how much students do care about their local community.  Since then, the Wardens have continued to conduct litter picks in and around Coventry city centre and work with other community groups to encourage recycling and a greener Coventry.

Cyrenians Collection

This was the highlight achievement of the Wardens in 2016, as for months they had promoted and collected food and clothing donations from many generous students for the ‘Cyrenians’, who care for homeless and vulnerably housed adults in Coventry. This scheme proved a great success and was even featured in the Cyrenians news on their website, as a thank you to the Wardens’ for their donations.

Go Green Event

This was in response to the first patrols carried out by the Wardens around the residential areas in the city centre. Many residents complained of students/neighbours not using their bins properly or understanding what goes into each bin.

From this the Wardens set up a ‘Go Green’ stall during student freshers’ where Wardens talked with students on recycling and what to put in each bin. This was well received by students as many were unaware of how to recycle some items and rules around wheelie bins.

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