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Face masks

Face Masks in England

Today (Fri 24th July) new rules around face coverings come in to force in the England, make sure you understand the new rules, particularly in relatio

The Alan Berry building

Return to Campus

The University have released more details about what return to campus looks like in September, we're putting your questions about September to Senior

Fine Art To Wellbeing! FREE online digital Fine Art Workshops

It doesn't matter whether you are experienced or a complete beginner. The focus of this course is not on teaching traditional art skills, but on exper

Graduation Ceremonies

With the cancellation of July ceremonies we're happy to say that students will be able to have their degrees conferred in July and still take part in

Supercook | Cook amazing food with what you have in!

By listing any ingredients that you have lying around Supercook will tell you how to turn these into a tasty meal! Waste less and shop less - everybod

NHS | Your Free Mind Plan

By answering 5 simple, multiple-choice questions you can get a better understanding and a free plan on dealing with your stresses.

Volunteer in London against COVID-19

We have collated a list of organisations leading in each Borough the fight back against Coronavirus.


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