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Employability news

Using Social Media to Make You More Employable

Social media can be a great tool for interacting with friends but it can also help you with your career. Social media gives you the opportunity for networking, engaging and developing your personal brand by showing people who you are. People can get a gauge of your personality and skills from your online presence and want to interact with you.

Alumnight- How did it go?

Our first ever alumni event- how did it go?
On Thursday 21st October 2021, the Employability team held its first EVER alumni event – Alumnight! The event saw previous Sabbatical Officers and students return to Coventry University Students’ Union to share their thoughts and provide guidance to current students, on how to make the most of their time whilst at University.

Why do an Add+vantage module

The Add+Vantage scheme is an innovative programme developed by Coventry University for its students. An Add+Vantage module is designed with one goal in mind: to help boost your employability! These modules focus on engaging students in activities that offer real-life work experience and help with their career growth.

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