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How to stay motivated during your studies- hints and tips

Staying motivated during your studies can be hard which is why we have compiled this article with hints and tips on how to stay motivated

Can graduates capitalise on the changing nature of the graduate labour market in a post COVID world?

The job market may have changed due to Covid, but why not take a read to how this can work this to your advantage

Looking to move into teaching?

Teaching is a highly rewarding career with so many ways to get involved you need to decide what is best for

Enhancing Futures

Enhancing Futures is a free programme of live, online sessions, focused on employment, all with an interactive element, open to Coventry University undergraduate students studying at Coventry and London Campuses.

Boost your Future Employment Prospects
Enhancing Futures graphic

With Coventry occupying the top spot IN THE WORLD for MOOCs, there's clearly much to gain from taking one of our online courses. And with Coventry University Social Enterprise and Coventry University Student's Union delivering a range of free and engaging courses with online learning provider Future Learn in the coming weeks, now is the time to do so.

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