I will raise the awareness of volunteering through promotion such as social media, website and face-to-face communication and also participate in both Get Involved Week (GIW) and Student Volunteer Week (SVW). I hope to increase the volunteer memberships and get feedbacks as many as possible. More opportunities will be provided to the students to gain new skills and make new friends. Apart from receiving a certificate of their achievement, I would like to introduce a Voluntary Scholar reward system to celebrate the volunteers’ contribution. The Voluntary Scholar includes three levels, depending on the volunteering hours or involvement of the events: Gold, Silver and Bronze.


 Volunteering T-shirt


 Badge or Trophy


 Sponsorship for qualification, Reference Letters from the  Volunteering Department and VP welfare and Community


‘Volunteer Theme Months’ will be developed according to the volunteering categories so that the students may choose their ideal volunteering opportunities easier and more specific no matter if it is a project or one-off event.

  • Profession
  • Environmental  
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Crisis and Poverty
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Crime and Justice
  • Health and Social Care
  • People and Communities

I will also organise away day training for the Student Volunteer Team (SVT) and work closely with them to provide support for students. ’Volunteers’ Birthday Month Celebration’ will be introduced to gather the staffs, SVT and volunteers altogether for a birthday celebration every month. Therefore, it will be good that the students let us know about their birthday month when they register to be a volunteer but this can be optional. I wish everyone can enjoy the volunteering life in Coventry! Giving a hand to the others and giving ourselves a chance! You may find a fun time outside the classroom!


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