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Student Executive

The Full-Time Officers are elected to spend a sabbatical year working for students whilst the Part-Time Officers are students who are elected into voluntary positions they undertake whilst studying to oversee representation within their faculty, support other Reps, liaise with faculty and University staff as well as represent Postgraduate Taught and Research students.

These officers form the Executive Committee (aka Exec), they meet together once per week throughout the year to ensure that the Students' Union is student-led.

Full-time Officers

Every year seven Sabbatical Officers are elected by you to work full-time in CUSU for the year to make student life better. They represent students at all levels on everything from national campaigns, to wellbeing, international culture, equality and diversity and things you want to change on your course, as well as ensuring the SU offers what you want.

Any student can stand for election to be a Sabbatical Officer and every single student can vote for who they believe will best represent them. Meet your Sabbatical Team 2019/20.

Part-time Officers

The part-time officers hold their positions along side their studies. They each represent a faculty, location, or type of student.

Community Officers

Each Community has an elected officer.

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