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Full-time Officers

Every year seven Sabbatical Officers are elected by you to work full-time in CUSU for the year to make student life better.

Four of these officers, the President and three Vice Presidents, represent and work for students across the University Group, in Coventry, London, Scarborough, and Poland. They are Trustees of the Students' Union and they work to improve your education, welfare, activities, equality, diversity, opportunities, and overall experience.

Three of these officers are full-time officers for Coventry, they work sport, wellbeing, international culture, and postgraduate issues.

Any student can stand for election to be a Sabbatical Officer and every single student can vote for who they believe will best represent them. Meet your Sabbatical Team 2021/22.

Part-time Officers

The part-time officers hold their positions along side their studies. They each represent a faculty, location, or type of student.

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