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Current location: Coventry

About Me

My name is Jessica-Marie Isaacs, but more identified as Jess.

I am in the final year of my BA Music (Hons) degree and I am going into a graduate program to become a music teacher in June 2022. 

Alongside my degree, I have been involved within CUSU to help convalesce and further overall student experience and satisfaction. I went from Senior Course Rep for FAH and progressed on up to become FAH Faculty Officer.

I am determined in ensuring every student has a voice and feels empowered, especially vulnerable and disabled students. I am also passionate on defending your viewpoints and interests, enabling us all to work together to ensure an elite student experience. 

Being a Faculty Rep

Faculty Officer lead on academic representation, welare and activites in their Faculties. They work with senior academic staff to resolve problems facing all students there. They also work with the School Education, Welfare and Inclusion, and Activities Officers to resolve problems raised at a School level.

Faculty Officer are invited to attend meetings of the Faculty Board and Faculty QLT (Quality in Learning and Teaching) committees in their Faculty. Outside of their Faculties, they are members of Union Affairs Committee and the CUSU Education Committee, all of which meet regularly during term time.


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