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Current location: Coventry

Now more than ever we want students to represent and feedback on every aspect of being a Student at Coventry University. School Reps provide great representation to their peers with Education but we provide so much more at CUSU and we want to ensure all our students are getting the best experience. This is why have a new exciting opportunity for you!

We're looking for enthusiastic, passionate students to represent their school in a part time officer role as an Activities or Welfare and Inclusion Rep.

Apply now or find out more below - Applications Close 8th October 2020

What is an Activities Rep? 

Activities Reps have the exciting responsibility of representing the students from their school. They are a key member of CUSU’s student led team, working alongside their fellow Activities Reps and Faculty Officer to enhance the student experience.

Activities Reps represent students to gain feedback and work closely with: 

  • Societies 

  • Sport and wellbeing 

  • Volunteering 

  • Student media 

  • Local community projects 

What is a Welfare and Inclusion Rep? 

Welfare and Inclusion Reps are a key member of CUSU’s student led team and work alongside their fellow Welfare and Inclusion Reps and Faculty Officer. They will be essential in supporting and representing student's welfare needs, reducing barriers to student success and ensuring all students can engage fully in all elements of student life. They play a really important role within their school as they will act as the Rep responsible for representing students in areas including: 

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing 

  • Welfare Support 

  • Equity and Diversity 

How Do I Apply?

If you feel you would be a great for one of these new rep roles, we would love to hear from you, all you need to do is fill in our quick application form:

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