Setting up a New Club

If you are interested in setting up a new sports club, here are the steps you need to follow:


1. It is important to check the current list of clubs, to ensure what you are proposing does not already exist, or is very similar to an existing club. Executive will not approve the set-up of duplicate clubs.

2. To ensure there is no crossover of activity that your club would be looking to do as part of your aims and objectives, come along to the Sports and Societies Office to talk to a Co-ordinator.

3. The first form you need to complete is called a ‘Starter Form’. This requires you to state the name of the club you are setting up and show the people that support and will join the club once it’s established. You must have 10 current Coventry University students interested. The ‘Starter Form’ can be found in the Sport Coventry Google Docs Drive:

4. The second form to be completed is the ‘Model Constitution’, explaining to the Executive all about your club’s aims and objectives, which should display what your club is trying to achieve. This document is highly important, and will provide the information based on which Executive will make a decision to approve or decline your application. It is also important to read the rest of the constitution as these are the ‘rules and regulations’ that you will run your club by. Each club has an Executive Committee who runs and oversees all of the activities, consisting of a President, Secretary and Treasurer. You will need to state who will be taking up these roles for your club so we know who to contact regarding each area. Finally, you will need to set a membership fee for the club, the minimum being £10.00. The ‘Model Constitution’ document can be found on the Sport Coventry Google Docs Drive:

5. Once you have completed the forms, send them to 

6. The Sports Coordinator will arrange a meeting with you and the Sports & Wellbeing Officer to discuss your application. The Sports Officer will then take you application to the next Executive meeting for approval.

7. If you application is approved, the Coordinator will contact you to arrange a time for you to come in for a meeting. At this meeting, you will go through all the official information about being a club, e.g getting your account set up, memberships, website etc.

8.Should your application be declined, the Officer will contact you directly to explain why this has been the case and work with you to resolve the situation.



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