Team Phoenix

Sport Coventry’s ‘Team Phoenix’ Programme is a support network, to enhance the sporting experience of our flagship teams. Coventry University’s sports teams & clubs have an annual opportunity to apply for extra support, above and beyond the experience they normally receive from CUSU’s Sport Coventry. As well as receiving support, the programme also requires the Team Phoenix members to enhance, develop and improve their individual skills set. The Team Phoenix programme is targetted at those teams or clubs that are competing at the higher levels of the respective competitions.

Clubs involved in the programme have access to the following:

  • Strength and Conditioning Sessions and programmes, specific to their club’s sporting requirements.
  • Sports physiotherapy & rehabilitation services.
  • Athlete welfare support.
  • Information on social media platform training, to help enhance the clubs ‘virtual reach’.
  • Agreed financial assistance.
  • Inclusion within the showcase programme.
  • Training camps for team building, fitness testing & physically fundamental strength.
  • Workshops to support athletes with sports nutrition, sports psychology, active recovery, social media activities, etc.
  • A dedicated performance sports mentor.
  • Provision of a professional and qualified Head Coach.

Our performance sports programme also has a pathway for clubs that want to achieve Team Phoenix, but haven’t quite met all of the criteria required, known as the Phoenix Academy. These clubs will be offered a limited selection of the above benefits, and will work towards becoming Team Phoenix with the help and support from the Phoenix Academy programme.

Team Phoenix Clubs for 2016/17 are:

American Football

Basketball – Men’s

Basketball – Women’s






Our Phoenix Academy Clubs are:



Rugby League

Rugby Union

Tennis – Women’s