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Aims and Objectives for the Civil Engineering Society

1) The Society aims to enhance the skills, employability of CAB (Civil Engineering, Architecture and Building Undergraduate) student members through events including socials, volunteering, workshops, mentoring, institution lectures and site visits.

2) To educate student members about the nature of the industry which they will be preparing for through various news articles from specialist magazines, such as N.C.E. and up to date information about the Construction Industry.

3) To provide help to the main student members (undergraduates) through having regular meetings that involve older student members who might be able to shed more of an insight into the experiences that newer students might be going through.

4) In collaboration with lecturers and teaching staff, the society will endeavour to bridge the gap between staff and peoples to build better communication in the Engineering Department.

5) The society will also attempt to hold socials and events monthly so we can have a break from studying, which could include paintballing, pub crawls, and general nights out.

Contact Info

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Membership Fee
Membership for society is £2.00 for the whole academic year.

Hoodies will cost £18.00 or £20.00 if joining the first time.

If you were not a member, hoodies would cost £30.00.

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