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About Civil Engineering

Who are we?

We're here to enhance the skills and employability of CAB (Civil Engineering, Architecture and Building Undergraduate) students through events, volunteering, workshops and mentoring.

What do we do?

We educate student members about the nature of the industry through guest lectures, news and trips; share expertise from older student members; bridge the gap between staff and students within the Engineering Department; and hold social events to take a break from studying.

Why should you join?

To learn more about the industry you're training for, build industry connections, receive guidance from students who've been through what you're going through.

What have we done in the past?

Awards and Recognition

The Committee

- President: Mark Al Kadamani

- Vice-President: Korin Cross

- Secretary: Ramiza Shaik

- Inclusion officer: Taufeeque Ahmad

- Treasurer: Hang Tai Lo (Trevor)

- Events Director 1: Anjolaoluwa Abimbola

- Events Director 2: Mukundi Pemhenayi

- Editor-In-Chief: Rebecca Hidson


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