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Current location: Coventry

This Society is getting up and running again. For more information on joining or helping, email: or find us on Facebook:


We welcome all students whether they are male, female or LGBT+. The activities we hope to undertake will predominantly consist of raising awareness about domestic violence. This will include: self-defence classes in conjunction with the help of martial arts societies on campus. We also plan to hold discussion groups or speaker events about specific issues related to domestic violence such as cultural issues or male victimisation. Finally we would like to hold a drama production outlining a victim story and experience of their domestic violence to show a powerful description of what the issue is and how it occurs.

Aims & objectives: 

  1. The society is committed to finding effective ways of diminishing domestic violence on campus.
  2. The society aims to reduce stereotypes associated with domestic violence.
  3. The society aims to reduce the stigma associated with domestic violence thus encouraging more students to come forward.
  4. Provide a safe space for discussion of domestic violence.

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