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Welcome to ELSA Coventry,

Interested in being part of something big? Applying for traineeships abroad? Do you fancy a career in diplomacy or have an interest in world politics? ELSA is the largest independent law students' association in the world, with over 50,000 members across 300 law faculties in Europe.

The European Law Students' Association (ELSA) regularly sends students to represent the ELSA network at international events, such as United Nations meetings in Geneva and New York. It is a great opportunity to observe how decisions and policies are created at the highest level and to boost your CV. (

Whether you're aiming for international institutions or global law firms, our partners the Council of Europe, CMS Alliance and DLA Piper are here to jump-start your career! (

ELSA STEP offers exclusive international traineeships from their partners lasting from 2 weeks to 2 years, all over Europe and the world.   (

Benefits of joining ELSA in a nutshell:

The members of the European Law Students' Association are open-minded, internationally targeted and become multilingual and acquire a broader cultural understanding than other law students. They gain direct experiences with foreign legal systems and business practices through the wide range of activities and international cooperation of ELSA.
In the UK, the ELSA network is still growing. That said, we are incredibly proud to have fully established a local group in Coventry in 2016 and to have been voted in as a full  member of the ELSA UK network in 2019. Check out more about the ELSA network:

-ELSA STEP (Student Trainee Exchange Programme):
-ELSA Law Schools:
-ELSA Moot Court Competitions:
-ELSA Delegations: 

Contact a committee member at:

-ELSA Coventry's Facebook page:
-ELSA Coventry's email:
-ELSA Coventry's Instagram: @elsa.coventry
-ELSA Coventry's Twitter: @CoventryElsa

Membership Cost: £10


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