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The events surrounding Britain this past year have been major; Brexit, the resignation of our PM for the past 6 years, and the appointment of the first female PM since Thatcher to name the recent few, and elsewhere around the world; Trump's campaign controversially taking the US by storm, the war on Syria, Islamic State, the attacks on Paris and so on. 

All such events are sympathised with here at our Humanities Society, but we make it our utmost priority to raise awareness, inspire positivity, and facilitate change through uniting the Coventry University student body.


In order to do such we follow three key aims:

i) To help students understand and interpret current events through the lens of their academic disciplines - keeping in mind that we celebrate a diverse, yet unified, society.

ii) To work positively with other societies/unions, as well as, organisations outside of Coventry University that emphasise the connective and collaborative spirit of the CHS.

iii) To enrich our academic life through; trips, gatherings, and social events.


The CHS is a social support base for all members regardless of their age, sex, race, religion etc. Meeting new people, forming new relationships, working productively are all things we encourage at CHS. Through the various events we organise we hope members will celebrate our society as one which inspires positive change.


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