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Current location: Coventry

This society is currently dormant. If you would be interested in becoming a committee member and running the society please email


The Literature Society shall be holding fortnightly meetings to discuss various topics surrounding literature. As well as this we shall be attending various events related to the topic in Coventry. The Literature Society will also be organising talks from various parties to do with the topic as a whole. This society is aimed for anyone with intrest in Literature, be it someone who studies it as part of their degree, to those who have an intrest in it as a hobby.

Aims & Objectives

1.    To provide a welcoming community for all students with an intrest in literature to join in and take part, regardless of what they study

2.    To hold fortnightly discussions about various themes related to literature, where everybody has an input towards the discussion and how        it runs.

3.    To hold discussions based on current events and support a wide range of campaigns.

4.    To help promote various literature related events and oppotunities availible in Coventry and beyond for members of the society.

5.   To bring in occasional guest speakers to talk to the society about various aspects of literature.

Membership Cost: £3.50 for the academic year 

Contact info:

President: Duncan Hookey:


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