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1) The Advertising and Marketing Society's main objective is to show students that the science of business and marketing can be both educational and fun! As well as adding something extra to your CV, we want members to create contacts and friendships that they can take with them when they leave University. Students will be able to express opinions, share ideas, meet new people with similar interests, and enjoy their time spent at university.

2) To make sure participants stay in touch with the latest trends, work opportunities and changes in the marketing industry.

3) Engage the members of the society in group discussions, creative projects, course-related events and guest lectures from University and various organisations.

4) Prepare and motivate students for their future placements and projects, and help them connect with fellow members.

5) Provide academic support and help to members of the society by advising, mentoring and one-to-one sessions.


Membership Fee:

Membership for society is £3 for the whole academic year.


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