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The Taiwanese Society aims to create the friendship among Taiwanese students at Coventry University. This includes a welcome party at the beginning of each new semester and sharing and helping each other with living experiences and settling into UK life. 

We also aim to advertise Taiwanese culture with many events to all students in Coventry University (not only for Taiwanese students but also for non-Taiwanese students). Some of these events include:

1) Moon festival in September or October (depends on the lunar calendar): It is a national holiday in Taiwan and we will host a Taiwanese style B.B.Q party

2) Taiwanese New Year in February (depends on the lunar calendar): It is the most important holiday for people to get together to celebrate the new year, and we will teach the people who join this event for many things that related to Taiwanese New Year, such as the red dress code, the red envelope meaning, and others.

3) Dragon boat festival in May or June (depends on the lunar calendar): It is another national holiday for Taiwanese people to celebrate

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To give a guide to Taiwanese students about campus life in Coventry, with the aim of helping them have a smooth transition into student life here
  2. To advertise the culture of Taiwan and emphasize its values and what makes it unique among other East Asian countries, and give the chance to all the students that are interested in the Taiwanese culture to find out more about it
  3. To provide a networking place where Taiwanese students can meet other students that share their interests, help them make new friends and give them the feeling of having a home away from home
  4. To plan and organize social activities with Taiwanese societies in other universities such as Taiwanese Soccer to further enhance the reputation of Coventry University Taiwanese society.
  5. To co-host cultural events or exhibitions with other cultural societies in CUSU (for example, One World Week) and organize a series of cultural events such as the Dragon boat festival
  6. To teach members to cook traditional Taiwanese street snacks and drinks through events such as Taiwan day or East Asia day.


Membership Fee: £3.00 for the whole academic year.

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