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Faculty Rep

Rodolfos Maslias
Engineering, Environment & Computing Faculty Rep

Hello, I’m Rodolfos, the EEC Faculty Rep for 2018/19. I am an Engineering Management postgraduate student, having previously completed an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering.

Previously, I was a Senior Course Rep and the CEM School Rep, for all three years of my undergraduate degree. My time in these roles taught me the importance of the student representation system in guaranteeing the students’ quality of education. It has also helped my professional development substantially, helping me become a better public speaker and leader.

A rough outline of my plans for the year is as follows:

  • Increase Rep recruitment and help foster communication amongst EEC Reps using new mediums (Moodle page).
  • Organise a Faculty-wide showcase event for students to display all the cool projects they have worked on.
  • Support academic societies within the Faculty.
  • Improve the experience students have with personal academic tutors.
  • Work with the employability team to improve the services provided to students.

Please contact me at ac9253@coventry.ac.uk if you have any questions! I have a wide range of experience as a student rep, so many of the issues you will face in your roles I might have come across before.


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Upcoming Rep Events

All Rep Conference 2 - We will be hosting our 2019 All Rep Conference of the year on Wednesday 13th March. This is one of the biggest events we host where all Reps gather to meet, share best practise, take part in feedback workshops with their faculty and get the latest information on all things to do with representation in higher education. Information about the date, time and location will be sent to your e-mail.

Battle of the Faculties - Our biggest annual social event is back. Our exclusive Reps quiz event pits faculty-against-faculty for the glory of being crowned the brainiest bunch on campus. There will be main prizes, bonus prizes and more on offer. This year Battle of the Faculties will take place on Tuesday 12th February. Details of where the event is taking place as well as ticket information will be sent directly to your student e-mail inbox.

Student Forums

The next student forums will take place from November 2018. Details of individual forums will be e-mail to all Reps and staff five days prior to a meeting and the day before with details of the time and location. Contact your Rep coordinator or reps.su@coventry.ac.uk for more information.

School Reps

Details for contacting your School Reps will be posted here soon. Please contact your Faculty Reps in the meantime.

Vacancies in this Faculty

Click here to see all our Rep vacancies.

To apply for a Senior Course Rep role simply use our online application form and make sure you tick the 'Senior Rep' box. If you are already a Rep and you would like to upgrade your role to Senior Rep please e-mail reps.su@coventry.ac.uk or send us a message on Facebook.

To apply to be a Service Rep or Senior Service Rep, send us a message on Facebook or e-mail reps.su@coventry.ac.uk.

Resources and useful links

This section will be updated soon. In the meantime please contact reps.su@coventry.ac.uk with any questions or requests for resources.