VP for Postgraduate Students:

Clinton Wilson

ac9232@coventry.ac.uk – Ext: 651345

Clinton is the most senior elected representative for Postgraduate Students at Coventry University. He represents postgraduate students’ interests at a variety of university meetings, as well as the Student Union Executive Committee. He is also responsible for providing support to Postgraduate Reps.

Postgraduate Research Officer:

Saima Nafis


Saima is the elected officer for postgraduate research students at Coventry University. She represents postgraduate research students specifically at Education Committee at CUSU and other meetings at the University related to research teaching. She also supports Postgraduate Research Reps.


Reps HE Newsletter May 2019

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Being a Senior Research Rep

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2018/19 Research Reps

This section will be updated soon. In the meantime, please contact the VP for Postgraduates or PGR Officer

The Role of the Research Rep

The research reps are responsible for their faculty research centre or school. They work closely with the Senior Research Representatives to bring feedback forward to the university, either directly or through research student forums.

The Role of the Senior Research Rep

The role of the research representatives is to represent the views and opinions of research students in their faculty or URC (University Research Centre) at Coventry University. The Senior Research Reps sit at faculty level and work closely with a team of Research Reps. CUSU along with the University wants you to have a great research experience. In order for this to happen we need to hear your views. You can get in touch with the research reps via their email addresses.


What meetings do the Research Reps attend?:

The Research Forum takes place 3 times a year and is a meeting that is chaired and minuted by the Senior Research Reps. It is open to all research student and research student representatives. It is an opportunity to raise feedback and find out more about what at other university committees relating to research.

Research Student Forum:

The research student forum is led by research reps and is open to all reps and research students across the University. Staff members from the faculties and Doctoral College attend these meetings as well as any other relevant staff.

Follow this link to find out the dates of research student forum for academic year.

Doctoral College Steering Committee: tbc

Research Degrees Committee: tbc

Staff Contact for Research Reps:

Abbee Pule – Aysa is a full time member of staff based at in The Hub at Coventry University Students’ Union. She is responsible for research rep training and is the main point of contact for the PGR Officer and all Research Representatives. If you have any queries about being a  Rep or are looking to contact a member of staff at CUSU you can contact ac8515@coventry.ac.uk.

Would you like to feedback to us – about Reps or the Postgraduates’ Guild? You can do so here (link).