Nominate your 'Rep of the Month' below!

November 2018 Reps of the Month!


Anneila Halley - Anniela has done loads of promotional talks for EEC and has been really engaged with her Senior Reps as the School Rep for ECE.


Nathanael Craig and Hollie Ferrett - Nathanael and Hollie have been able to achieve a previously unseen level of recruitment and engagement with Reps on the UG Performing Arts courses. Well done for making this forum one of the biggest in FAH!


Amrou Saalan - Amrou has been really proactive in recruitment and super supportive to their Senior Course Rep partner since the start of the year!


Alicja Szkolnik - Alicja has been an extremely attentive and supportive Senior Course Rep to the Biomedical Sciences forum. We're really glad she's leading our meetings!