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Adopt a Society- Lead an established society to success

This is like a fast-track version of starting a new society.

The Societies below have previously been active but currently do not have a student committee leading them. A selection of them may have some money in their account, some resources and members wanting to join. They need a President, Inclusions Officer, Treasurer and a role of your choice e.g. Vice President, Events Manager, Social Media Coordinator.

That’s where you come in. If you want to take on a leadership role in any of the Societies listed below then all you need to do is complete the adoption form HERE and send it to They are voluntary roles that provide you with a range of skills that would look great on your CV to future employers. We will provide you with committee training so you are ready to take on your new role, and we will support you throughout the year to lead the society to success. If you would like more information please email or come and see us in The Hub office 1.25.

  • AAPG (American Association of Petroleum and Geologists)

    We hold talks and seminars featuring geologists, geoscientists, and engineers from the industry. We also run field trips to geological sites, student expos and employment fairs.

  • Accounting and Finance

    Coventry University Accounting & Finance Society (CUAFS) is a student-led society at Coventry University which aims to bridge the gap between academic studies and the professional world.

  • Automotive

    A society dedicated to providing experiences and opportunities for automotive students and enthusiasts

  • Baking

    Crazy Cakes is all about baking! Whether you're a novice or a pro, come along and share your love of all baked goods.

  • Bright Futures

    Bright Futures aims to provide students with employment opportunities, business contacts and student insights into leadership roles.

  • Bulgarian

    The Bulgarian Society provides a platform to unite and support Bulgarian students, as well as celebrating Bulgarian holidays and cultural traditions.

  • Chess

    Chess Society is where students come together to play chess competitively or just for fun.

  • Civil Engineering

    Get involved with us if you want to develop skills for Civil Engineering, Architecture, Building, and more!

  • Commonwealth Independent States
  • Consulting Society

    The society is for students who wish to pursue a career in consultancy or wish to understand the workings of business organisations.

  • Cooking

    Coventry University Cooking Society is a society which aims to help students enjoy creating and eating food with like minded individuals

  • Coventry University Flying Club

    For those who have an interest in flying, both real-life and simulated.

  • Creative Writing

    A platform for creativity in writing and literature, as well as literary interests and the sharing of work between members for the purposes of gaining constructive criticism or other feedback.

  • Croatian Society

    Croatian Society aims to represent Croatian students at Coventry University and to diversify their student experience.

  • Design Society

    Creating a collaboration between all design subjects & those with interests in design & the different years of study, to encourage growth, confidence & understanding of the creative design

  • DJ, MC & Producer Society

    The DJ, MC and Producer Society allows students to further explore their interests in Djing and Producing. The goal is to bring beginners and professionals together to create an inspiring environment.

  • Eliminating Domestic Violence

    The society is for any student who is interested in Eliminating Domestic Violence and also is a safe space for those survivors as well.

  • Engineering Consulting

    Bringing together students with a passion for solving complex real-world problems through consulting. We hope that members will enjoy learning while taking away memorable experiences.

  • English Language

    Literature Society aims to aims to hold discussions and events around literature, film, and theatre, as well as promoting literary events and areas of study.

  • Enterprise Society

    A social platform for members from all backgrounds to get involved in, learn and share experiences of business.

  • Financial Trading Society

    We are a member driven, career enhancing platform that meet weekly to bring you exciting and new opportunities that will make your uni experience the best it can be!

  • French Society

    To encourage French students to settle into the UK whilst also celebrating French culture.

  • Friendly Faces

    A society for disabled students, their friends, allies, and carers at the university. Our aim is to create a community that can provide help and support for disabled students.

  • Gender Equality

    Gender Equality work towards the promotion of equality between all genders in society, and provide a space for students to discuss, campaign, and share their experiences safely.

  • Greek & Cypriot

    Supporting Greek and Cypriot students during their time studying at Coventry University with social events and community support.

  • Guide Dogs

    The Guide Dogs Society works to raise funds for The Guide Dogs Charity, as well as increasing awareness and student participation.

  • Humanities Society

    HIPSOC is a social support base for all members where you can meet new people, form new relationships, work productively and attend events, meetings and fundraising to inspire positive change.

  • Indian

    Indian Society aims to bring together Indian students at Coventry University, and to promote cultural heritage and traditions of India, including Indian languages.

  • International Business Management

    We intend to develop activities that promote and help the International Business Management (IBM) course and give further opportunities to students after their studies.

  • Korean

    The Korean Society aims to celebrate and promote all aspects of Korea, including cultural aspects like food, music, and language, to all students.

  • League of Legends Society

    League of Legends is the largest online multiplayer video game for PC - students will be able to come together to play League of Legends and make new friends in person and create NUEL teams together.

  • Lebanese Society

    The Lebanese society will help Lebanese students and anyone who would like to meet and get to know Lebanese people and their culture.

  • Management Society

    To aid students throughout their academic journey by providing a society that brings not only their course content together but helps them to gain a better understanding of the managerial needs.

  • MBA Society

    The MBA society will help students integrate into their courses, student life and living in a different country, to build long last relationships that will help students in the future.

  • MSF - Doctors Without Borders

    Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is an international humanitarian organisation that delivers aid to people based on their needs, regardless of gender, religion, etc.

  • Nutrition, Food & Health Society

    We are super excited for this upcoming year, with loads to offer you. We are a fun and innovative society who pride ourselves on our welcoming and friendly nature and our non-exclusivity to any course

  • Occupational Therapy

    We are passionate about bringing students from all years together, promoting occupational therapy, creating CPD opportunities and most importantly having fun.

  • Omani

    The Omani Society brings together Omani students from all across campus to represent and create a student community here at Coventry.

  • One Gospel Christian Fellowship

    One Gospel Christian Fellowship provides a platform for Christian students from various backgrounds and nationalities to foster love and understanding of faith beyond denominational structures.

  • Palestinian

    The Palestinian Society provides a networking space for Palestinian students to share their cultural and social interests, as well as provide a guide to student life on campus.

  • Persian Society

    To provide information about Persian culture to students and bring together Persian students and celebrate Persian traditions.

  • Philosophy Society

    A society to share similar, or dissimilar, ideas with a vast amount of fellow members, but also give us a platform in which we can discuss important topics that may not be discussed anywhere else

  • PR & Consumer Behaviour

    A society that allows students to explore and understand the nature of the 21st Century consumer, as well as behaviour and creative communications content.

  • Qatari

    The Qatari Society at Coventry University aims to provide a point of contact for Qatari students studying here, to provide help and support as well as encouraging participation in students.

  • Romanian

    The Romanian Society aims to bring together Romanian students studying here at Coventry, raise cultural awareness of Romania, and to engage, support, and represent students in the community.

  • Salsa

    The Salsa Dancing society is an amazing place to meet new friends and learn a new skill. Dancing salsa is great fun and full of amazing people with weekly lessons and multiple trips.

  • Saudi

    Saudi Society aims to collaborate Saudi students at Coventry University, and to enhance their learning experience through activities, events, and academic support.

  • Socialist Students

    The Socialist Students are a community of like-minded students who debate, discuss, and campaign on issues relevant to the community. We play an active role on campus and also the wider community

  • Society of Petroleum Engineers

    Coventry University Chapter of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). A worldwide organization for Oil and Gas Industry Players

  • Somali Society

    We intend to unite and provide a platform for all the Somali students at Coventry and to celebrate our culture and to socialise and create long lasting memories with like minded others.

  • Student Action For Refugees (STAR)

    The society will be jointly affiliated with the STAR organisation, a national charity focused on empowering students, refugees and supporters to take positive action for refugees.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics

    To promote & bring value through the enhancement of knowledge, bringing together & uniting of students from different backgrounds & disciplines, & the provision of support to students

  • Turkish

    The Turkish Society is dedicated to promoting Turkish culture and Turkey to all students, as well as bringing together Turkish students for social events and activities.

  • United Nations

    The UN Society aims to protect and uphold the values of the United Nations within the student body of Coventry University.

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Society

    Our society uses healthy, delicious food to bring together students, no matter their diet, who want to be with like-minded people and learn more about the impact of their food choices.

  • Vehicle & Transport Design Society

    This society aims to unite students in this university who have a passion for designing automobiles & other forms of transport, & an appreciation for the design aesthetic of vehicles.