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TEDx Coventry University


Comprised of Coventry University students, the organisers of the TEDxCoventryUniversity events share one common goal – to ensure that all the members of our community are not only filled with exciting ideas but also to embrace new ideas, knowledge as well as inspiration from everyone around us.  
This year we are putting our main focus on unconventionality – we believe that change is the only constant in life. Sometimes our society might outcast something uncommon or unpopular because they are stuck with what is considered ‘the norm and acceptable in the society’. With this focus, we want to bring out more uncommon or unpopular ideas and perspectives that are possibly better for the future – and that it’s time for us to listen.
For being different means we can also make a difference. 
Aims & objectives:

  • Become a platform for Coventry University students and staff to talk / share ideas, knowledge, or stories with the hope to spark conversations concerning growth and inclusive spaces.
  • Become a platform for speakers to improve speaking abilities and confidence.
  • Contribute to the growth of our community by making great ideas from Coventry University students and staff accessible to the world.
  • Create an environment that would enable great conversations and friendships.

Our activities:

  • Society nights "TEDXPLAINED"  – a monthly talk from people around us that have new ideas and knowledge to share (currently on process for a TEDx Salon License), QnA at the end, and free snacks!
    Past TEDXPLAINED(s) have featured topics such as: child marriages, e-sport, social perception, self-love, mental health – they can be found on our Instagram: @tedxcoventryuniversity.
  • Every third or fourth Thursday of the month 18:00 - 20:00 (further detail about the date, speakers, topics will be revealed via Instagram and email).



Want to speak at our TEDXPLAINED?
Drop us an email ( with "TEDXPLAINED" as subject + stating the content of your talk in less than 200 words.


Fancy a collab with us? Maybe a society night or create an event together?
Drop us an email ( with "COLLAB!" as subject.


Any other enquiry?
Drop us an email ( with "ENQUIRY" as subject.

Membership Fee: £5.00
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