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Acoustic Music Society

Welcome to the Acoustic Music Society!

We’re all about producing great music here and having as much fun as possible while we’re doing it! If you’re a musician or a singer looking to make a name for yourself at university, this is a fantastic platform! If you’re looking forward to collaborating on music projects with others, we do this every single week with our society. If you’re interested in music and just want to meet great people and have a laugh, join us for socials and nights out. 

For more information on our society and any upcoming events, join our Facebook Group below. To better to see what our society is about, check out our YouTube channel for clips and videos.

Come along to our weekly teaching sessions in Ellen Terry or to Ivy House for our group jam sessions, all happening every Tuesday at 7pm! Also, check out our events page for any upcoming events!

Hope to see you soon!


Latest awards:

  -    Society Excellence Award: Standards - January 2020

  -    Society of the Month - November 2019


Some Useful Links


Facebook Page

Facebook Group


Aims and Objectives:

1) Provide a relaxed and educating environment for those who enjoy making music

2) Aid students who want to become more musically able in playing instruments, such as the guitar

3) For students to meet others who enjoy making music and potentially form bands and work together in the writing and playing of music

4) To learn from each other and be inspired by each other

5) Perform at local open mic nights, acoustic nights and to help students become confident in performing to others and the public


Membership Fee: £8 for the whole academic year


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