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About Criminology

Who are we?

We are the Criminology Society. We are a group of students from all faculties, studying subjects from Criminology to computer science to politics, who find the study of criminals and criminal behaviour an interesting subject. We all enjoy expanding our knowledge of the criminal mind in the fun, relaxed setting that we create.

What do we do?

This society creates a fun environment where students can discuss and develop knowledge on the subject of Criminology. We organise quizzes, games and more to explore this subject in a relaxed setting. We also hold crime nights where you can put your detective skills to the test to solve a made up crime.

Why should you join?

If you enjoy studying crime and want to understand more about why people commit crimes and the process of catching criminals then this is the place for you. We take a complex subject and break it down into bite size pieces, making the Criminology Society a fun, stress free place to make friends and solve crimes. Our monthly crime nights are also really fun events where the crime night coordinator will set up a scenario and you need to review evidence and interview suspects (acted by the rest of the committee) to catch the criminal before it's too late.

What have we done in the past?

We were nominated for best Health and Life Sciences Society 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 

Escape Room Trips to Clue HQ and Escape Live

Games Night

Collaboration with the Psychology Society

Awards and Recognition

Nominated for best Health and a life Sciences Society for 2 years in a row

The Committee


I'm Charlotte, I run things.

Inclusions Officer

I'm Zoe, it's my job to ensure you all have a great time and feel included as part of our society. 


I'm Ulisse, I'm in charge of the money, making sure we're on budget and can get cool stuff.

Crime Night Coordinator

I'm George, I create the super cool monthly Crime Nights.



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News and Updates


The meetings will now be online but that's not gonna stop the fun!... Read More

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