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Current location: Coventry

Pentecostal Students & Associates

PENSA (Pentecost students and Associates) is a society that will seek to help students maintain deeper, personal relationships with God in a refreshing and unique environment that encourages ambition an in students to develop both their personal and professional career goals.

We meet every Wednesday at EC1-21 (Engineering building) from 6:30pm till 8pm

Aims & objectives:

1. Provide a safe and comfortable environment that encourages positive self-awareness and improves confidence in ability to succeed at university.

2. Equip students with a basic skillset that will enhance their ability to interact successfully with others around them.

3. Engage in Christian apologetics by specifically tackling both non-controversial and controversial issues about faith in an open and tolerant environment that promotes learning.

4. Foster love, unity and fellowship amongst students by welcoming students with all beliefs and backgrounds to participate in the sharing of the Christian faith.

5. Create an open and transparent environment that encourages honesty about challenges, issues regarding mental health, fear, loneliness and other pressures that come along with the university experience.


Membership Fee

Membership Fee For The Society Is £2.00 For The Whole Academic Year.

Contact Details:

Instagram username: pensacoventry



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