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Pole Fitness Society

We are an inclusive society, welcoming people at all levels, from a complete beginner to a very advanced pole fitness monkey - you will find a class for yourself to get the full experience and be able to improve your skills. Courses are held at a local pole studio, what also gives you a great opportunity to socialise with others. Our trainers also offer private sessions to help you further improve your skills or get ready for competitions. As a society we aim to promote the art and beauty of the sport by holding events and organising weekly socials. As a member of our society you will also get a chance to go on an organised trip with us that will include workshops with pole dancers from the place we will decide on going. 

Pole dancing as a full body workout is great at improving your stamina and keeping your body toned and strong. It is is one of the best forms of dancing burning loads of calories. Best of all, during sessions you don’t even feel as though your exercising. The pole community is diverse and welcoming, with people of all ages and body shapes taking part, and even para pole competitions. 

Aims & objectives:

1. promote body positivity by focusing on what your bodies can do rather than how they look.

2. promote diversity and acceptance, being available to people of all abilities and backgrounds this allows the classes to be diverse and further pushes acceptance of one and other as people are working together

3. increase self confidence as pole fitness is giving women an opportunity to dance without the sexualisation given by society outside of the studio, which can be empowering.

4. improve health/fitness through pole dancing as it is a workout for your entire body, as it builds strength tone and endurance.

5. ending the stigma and creating awareness of the pole and Ariel arts society.

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