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Sikh Society

Sikhs are the world’s 5th largest religion!

We focus ourselves on our One Creator, accepting the human race as one free from discrimination, "WITHOUT FEAR, WITHOUT HATE!" We want to provide an environment enriched with happiness, love, faith and aim to live honestly and serve humanity.

Aims and Objectives

  • To bring together Sikhs across campus 
  • Educate people on the Sikh Faith
  • Hold weekly events
  • Langar on campus
  • Promote unity between all people

What can you expect from us?

  • A place which is FREE from discrimination. We believe in having an environment in which individuals should not be able to judge anyone. This also ties in to having respect for everyone involved in the society.
  • Weekly events, such as inspiring talks, inquisituve debates, fun socials and amazing Keertan programs, in which we all sit together and sing Praises of the Almighty Lord.

Why Join?

  • You will have the chance to attend the amazing events we have planned for you this year!
  • A chance to meet new people at each event
  • Being part of a society that promotes oneness for all, giving you the feel good factor of helping others. 

Membership Fee : £4 for the whole academic year!

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