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Coventry University Netball Club

Coventry university netball club pride ourselves on being dedicated, hard working, enthusiastic, friendly and fun individuals that make up a fantastic society. CUNC caters for all sporting abilities, from those looking to play competitively at the highest possible level, to individuals who are looking to gain experience and improve fitness in our recreational sessions. We also have a social membership for those who just want to have fun!

Over the past year, we have had lots of success. All teams tried their hardest, from the varsity squad giving Warwick a run for their money (we will get them next year!) to the recreational girls being active and committed participants in a local league, oh and not to forget our amazing second team who gained promotion! The first team had an intense year, playing lots of amazing teams and coming out on top most of the time. They left this year being third on the league, meaning we are in a good position to smash the league this year! The third team had a rocky start to the year, being the underdogs in a new league, and after serious hard work and dedication from the whole team, they turned it around with a final winning streak of four wins in a row. This year the third team had lots of girls who had never played BUCS before, and it taught the third team the importance of commitment, hard work and team work too! The fourth teams as a new addition to our society this year, and what a great idea it was! Adding a fourth team allowed more girls to play in the BUCS league, and also allowed for more success! Finishing mid table in a very large league and giving lots of good teams a run for their money, the fourths were a force to be reckoned with! Our development side had a large I take this year, newbies ready to join the fun and returning members, as dedicated as ever! 

Social events are a massive part of our society, bringing all the girls together and allowing us to bond off the court. This year we will be starting our traditional Wednesday night out, at 8 o’clock sharp in the side room at the castle grounds and then all head down to empire, dressed as whatever the theme is for that week. All details of these nights out are posted in advance on our Facebook page, so everyone has all the same information. We pride ourselves of having a big presence on a Wednesday night, and so always encourage everyone to come out with us! On top of this, we regularly have team meals, and attend other societies events too, with footballs ‘take me out’ always being a laugh! From the moment you join us, your calendar will be full of events to remember, as well as regular training and every Wednesday night social, we have a massive Christmas meal alongside other meals too, and netball awards and sports ball are always nights to remember! 

From all our fundraisers, working with charities in and around Coventry and fancy dress/themed nights out, we have lots of opportunities to create some strong friendships and great bonds, and these bonds are really put to the test at the end of the year when we have the opportunity to go on sports tour as a society, and it makes all the bonding worthwhile!


ALL freshers/ new members - monday 23rd of September - 7:45 arrival for a prompt start, 8-10pm in the university sports hall 

Successful freshers and returning players - 6-8 pm Sydney stringer academy

All successfuls - Sydney stringer academy - 7-8 pm 

BEFORE COMING TO THE FIRST TRIAL, whether you want to play BUCS or Recreational, please pay the £2.50 fee for trials! This has to be done before Monday’s trial/ information session. If you have any issues with this, please visit the SU desk upstairs in the hub! 

Training times and locations 

BUCS training - 

Monday - university sports hall -  8-10 pm.

Arrive between 7:30-7:45 for a prompt start.

Compulsory BUCS Fitness Training- 

Thursday - 6-8 pm - Sidney Stringer Academy

Recreational training -

Tuesday  - Sidney Stringer Academy - 6-8 pm

Thursday - Sidney Stringer Academy - 7-8 pm

Even if you haven’t signed up before, come along and speak to someone at our Recreational training to join in! 


Fitness training - 

Fitness is an essential part of netball and therefore it is open to all of the society, however it is ESSENTIAL for BUCS members  

Thursday - Sydney stringer - 6-8 pm 

(first hour is bucs only, second hour everyone!)


Matches - Wednesday afternoons! Check our Facebook to see if there are any home games, and find the times! 


Please feel free to join our Facebook page or contact president/Vice President on Facebook for all our fixtures if you want to come and support!

Memberships valid 31st July 2020


Contact and Committee

President - Abigail Banerjee 

Vice President - Chelsea Bradford 

Treasurer - Erin hillier 

Development officer - Justine Norris 

Vice development officer - Maxine Muchiza 

Social secretaries - Jade Lower, Naomi Davies and Cadi dyer

Social Media Officer - Erin Jones 

Umpiring secretaries - Charlie Thompson and Becky Holloway

Club Aims and Objectives

A successful varsity game, with strong preparation and team spirit

Another team to get promoted

Second team to maintain their promotion 

Continue the success of the recreational side

Club Achievements