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About Basketball (Women's)

Who are we?

Women's Basketball are a welcoming team for those who have been playing for a while as well as those who want to try a new hobby! We are not only a close team who are there for one another, but we're also a family both on and off the court. Our team may be small, but we are made up from all nationalities from all over the world and offer a diverse community.

What do we do?

We offer a first team for those who are more committed to the sport which is apart of the Team Phoenix Programme, offering Strength and conditioning sessions, psychology and nutrition workshops, game film analysis and physiotherapy. We also have a development team for those who are just wanting to learn the sport or want a new hobby! Either team has regular training sessions and games where you can develop skills with an energetic atmosphere that will leave you wanting more. Currently we play in BUCS Division 2 midlands.

Why should you join?

You should join women's basketball because we have a passion both on and off the court for this sport. We consider ourselves more than just a team and treat each other like family, making friends for life. We try hard to ensure that each player feels comfortable when playing and apart of the team, regardless of their ability. As a club, we are highly encouraging of our own players as well as going to other teams home games to support them in their performance. We aim for every training session that each player improves in some way and that you leave every time having learnt something new. We also have socials from time to time including our famous 'around the world' meal night, where each person home makes or bakes a food from their home country and we all meet to try these foods. If you are interested in basketball, then this is the opportunity for you to play your favourite sport or try a new hobby, pushing yourself to the limit and meet amazing people along the way!

What have we done in the past?

We have consistently been so close to winning and being promoted in our league and have also been knocked out in the semi-final of the cup year after year, meaning we are all the more determined! In 2020, we won our varsity game against Warwick University with 2 added overtimes, creating an amazing atmosphere for both the players and supports.

One of out biggest achievements this year is that we were able to expand our club with a National League Team (Coventry Flames), allowings us to play and develop our playeres even further.

We have also volunteered our time to the community working with The Canel And River Trust, cleaning out rivers throughout Coventry.

Awards and Recognition

At Sports Ball 2020, we have won Team Phoenix Best Performance and Team Phoenix Club of the Year. We were also nominated for Coach of the Year, BUCS Team of the Year, Best Committee and Team Phoenix Committee of the Year.

Meet the Committee

Club Captain

Name - Catarina Seixas

Nationality - Portuguese 

Degree - Sport Management

Hobby - Cooking and photography

Club Admin

Name - Cathrine Gwenero

Nationality - British

Degree - Biomedical Science

Hobby - Cinema and listening to music 

Communications Officer 

Name - Eleonora Caksa

Nationality - Latvian

Degree - Sport Management

Hobby - Photography and playing guitar

Wellbeing Officer 

Name - Sara Benavente

Nationality - Spanish 

Degree - Physics

Hobby - Listening to music and learing new skills


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