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This opportunity is based in Scarborough which is quite far from Coventry!
If you are a CU Scarborough student you can view the opportunity here

Scarborough Virtual Volunteering

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As the current situation and government advice will limit your opportunity to volunteer in the usual way, we have gathered...

Instant Wild

This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

ZSL’s Instant Wild empowers you to take part in vital conservation work, bringing you LIVE images and videos from amazing locations all around the world. By identifying the animals in each image, you are contributing to conservation and making a positive impact on the future for wildlife.

Available both as a smartphone app and online at, Instant Wild mobilises people power to scale up important animal monitoring work, which helps scientists to protect wildlife and secure a richer biodiversity for all!

Motion triggered cameras are a crucial tool for monitoring animal populations and movements, and this information allows us to develop methods for conserving them. As an animal moves past one of our Instant Wild cameras it will trigger, taking a photo which is immediately sent back to the app in real time for identification by you. Identifying thousands of images takes time but with your help we can identify even more species and help to protect them.

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