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Current location: Coventry

This opportunity is based in Scarborough which is quite far from Coventry!
If you are a CU Scarborough student you can view the opportunity here

West Midlands Fire Service

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Offers information on the brigade and advice to the local community including safety and training, employment, and contacts.

Prevention Advocate Volunteer

This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

As a Prevention Advocate Volunteer, you will be supporting West Midlands Fire Service to deliver a variety of prevention-based activities in the community. Your main role will be to help educate the community on key safety messages linked to fire, road, water, home and personal safety through a variety of activities; including the delivery of safety programmes to specific target groups. This may be through acting as a “Safety Advisor” to deliver key safety messages to children and young people visiting our educational, life-sized safety village at Safeside in Birmingham. Or you may be delivering key safety messages within the community on the “Welcome to the West Midlands” programme which is aimed at new arrivals and people for whom English is a second language. You may want to do the Volunteer Fire Safety Tutoring activity, helping to talk with young people who have shown an unhealthy interest in fire. You can also assist fire stations to promote safety messages, volunteering opportunities and WMFS services through open days, community events and local fire safety initiatives. Prevention Advocate Volunteers need to be 18 or over, the “Safety Advisor” activity is open to young people over 16 Location: Various throughout the West Midlands / “Safety Advisor” activity based at Safeside Minimum of 10 hours per month; weekdays and weekends. (“Safety Advisor” activity available only during school hours on Tuesdays to Thursdays)

As a West Midlands Fire Service volunteer you’ll help us to deliver our key safety messages, build closer links with diverse groups and contribute positively to the communities of the West Midlands.

Being part of our volunteering team will help you learn more about our organisation and its aims, and help you gain a sense of pride at the same time as being involved in something that’s rewarding and enjoyable.

Hours per week

Approx 10 hours per month

Hours details

Generally, there would be an expectation of approx 10 hours per month in order for volunteers to get the most out of their volunteering. If doing the "Safety Advisor" role at Safeside, there would be a minimum expectation of 3 sessions per month (3 x half days).

Training available

Volunteers have the option of short courses to help their personal development; for example, communication, problem solving, managing change etc. Volunteers also have the opportunity to work towards an OCN Level 2 in Volunteering accreditation alongside their volunteering.


Various venues around West Midlands. Safety Advisor role based at Safeside building in Birmingham

DBS required?


Benefits to self

Volunteers make a difference within the community, develop new skills and gain valuable work experience to enhance their employability. Volunteering offers you the chance to meet people from different backgrounds, make new friends, build confidence and have your contribution valued and recognised.

Benefits to others

Helps WMFS to make the community Safer, Stronger and Healthier

Transport details

Volunteers would need to make their own travel arrangements to volunteering events, for which expenses will be reimbursed at a later date.

Time commitment

Due to the recruitment and training process, this role does not suit short term volunteering. Volunteers would get most benefit from the volunteering opportunity in committing to 6 months volunteering or longer.


Volunteers are supported by a Volunteering Team, including Volunteers Coordinator and Volunteers Support Officers. Support and feedback offered regularly.


Travel expenses available up to the value of £25 per day. No reimbursements for travel passes or taxis. Expenses for lunch provided, up to the value of £5 per day when volunteering for a full day or more than 4 hours in one day. Expenses reimbursed on a monthly basis (or daily if at Safeside).
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  • People & CommunitiesChildren, Families, Young People

Employability skills

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