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Making Friends

Making friends is what Welcome Week is all about! And whether you're here in person or learning online we have plenty of ways to help you meet new people.


Get matched with different people to chat for a few minutes then switch! It's a great way to meet a lot of new people and we've got fun games to help break the ice :)

We also have dedicated events for liberation communities.

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Join a Club or Society

Do you have a passion or interest? Clubs and Societies are the best way to find people with the same interests as you, and you can join online now!

Most groups will have taster sessions and a free trial membership - what are you waiting for!?

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Liberation Communities

We have dedicated groups for BAME students, disabled students, LGBTQ+ students, students with responsibilities, self-supporting students, and women students.

Join by updating your profile and come along to a dedicated speed-friending event.

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Great Events to Make Friends!

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