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Your festive traditions during #WinterWithCUSU 


With such a multicultural and diverse community of students and staff existing within the Coventry University community, it seemed a great opportunity to unite all of our ideas of what each others #WinterWithCUSU would look like. Using the aboce map, add your photos, traditions, decorations, foods, and celebrations in either text or photographic/video form to our CUSU padlet.

Let us know how YOU are spending your Winter break! 


Simply click on the red 'plus' icon in the top right hand corner of the map, either enter the location of where you want to mark your tradition, or drag the pin to where you want it to go, and upload  a photo, video, or some text.

To view other people's traditions, click on their dropped locations (pins), and comment on what they have uploaded. A great opportunity to share all of your festive traditions on one padlet!

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