Leap Into Leadership


Leap into Leadership - Spring Elections is happening now!





It’s CUSU Election time!

Coventry University Students’ Union is run by you, our members. Each and every one of you has the right to have a say in how we are run. You can get involved in loads of ways, from emailing us feedback and voting, to submitting ‘Your Ideas’ and even standing for election as a ‘Union Officer’.

Every year, we ask you to vote for the students that you think should be elected as our Full-Time Sabbatical Officers, Part-Time Faculty Representatives and Student Councillors. These elected students then work on the issues that are affecting you, responding to your feedback and bringing about positive changes at Coventry University.

All students, regardless of degree program, mode of study, age, or nationality, have the right to stand for election and all students get to vote on who they think is the right person for the job.


Why Should I Run?

  • Make a change – is there anything that you think CUSU needs to be doing? Make sure that your voice is heard and that real changes are made at CUSU.
  • Think of the skills you will gain – your work will be so varied that you will gain a huge amount of skills, from public speaking to negotiating to commercial awareness.
  • You will get to make real decisions about things that will affect CUSU for the next three years!


I’m Confused! Can you help?

Of course we can! We know that whether you’re new to elections or not, it can be difficult to get your head around some of the election jargon that flies about.

Here’s our quick Jargon Buster:


Re-Open Nominations (RON): If you’re not convinced that any of the candidates running for a position would do a good job, you can choose to “Re-Open Nominations” – RON on your ballot - this triggers a re-run of the elections process and more people may choose to stand.

Single Transferable Vote (STV): This is the voting system used, where you tell us your first preference and also your preference if that first person doesn’t get it.

Student Council: The elected body of students that determine the direction of the SU for the next three years.

Exec/Executive Committee: This is made up of the Full Time Sabbatical Officers and the part time Faculty Reps. The team work with University and CUSU staff to make sure that motions passed by council become a reality.

Manifesto: A manifesto is a set of policies or pledges put together by a candidate to get people to vote for them. It sets out what they would do if they were elected, and helps you get to know a bit more about them.


If you’re still stuck, just pop an email to election.su@coventry.ac.uk or drop by the office (1.24/1.25 The Hub) and speak to any of the Sabbatical team and we’ll get your question answered!


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