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CUSU is a student-led organisation, so our students are right at the heat when it comes to making decisions and improving student experiences! We always want students to get involved and become part of the decision making processes here at CUSU, and that's why we have a whole network of Student Led Committees to make sure each and every voice on campus is heard.

Each year our Officers are elected in by the people they represent - that's you, the students! Our system works so that all students can be heard, so no matter who you speak to in the structure, your ideas and thoughts will be fed back right through to our highest representatives.

If you want to be an Executive Officer or Committee Officer yourself, get involved in our Autumn and Spring Elections and see what a difference you can make to students at CUSU!

CUSU Council

CUSU Council meets once a month to vote on any action plans that have come from the different committees - click here to find out more. The Council oversee all the big changes in the SU and ensures that the Executive Committee are representing you guys right.

Every student can attend CUSU Council and can ask the Executive Committee questions and speak on any of the action plans that are going to CUSU Council. However, only the committee officers and executive officers are able to vote on matters in this meeting.

So.. What Are The Action Plans?

Ideas for change can be submitted by any student online here, that idea is then voted for online and will go to the relevant committee, who will take the online feedback on board and vote on if they want the idea taken to CUSU Council. They will then work the idea up into an action plan. This will detail, what the idea is, what the object of the idea is and the steps that will be taken (and who by) in order to achieve this idea.

CUSU Council Meeting Minutes

Below are the minutes of all the previous CUSU Council Meetings:

February CUSU Council Minutes

December CUSU Council Minutes

November CUSU Council Minutes

Your Ideas

Share and vote on ideas to change your community, Union or University!

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