BUCS Week 10 - Sport at Coventry

Hello, it’s Millie again, bringing your tenth and FINAL BUCS update of the term. Where has the time gone people?!

We only had 5 matches to play this week, and all of them played at home were huge wins. This means however that there is not a huge deal to update you on!

But first, I’m going to talk about some of our weekend fixtures that I’ve missed out in previous updates.

The Futsal Club has both a men’s and a women’s team who both play on Saturdays. They were late starters in terms of gathering members but have both seen great success playing on the weekend. Men’s Futsal 1s won against Loughborough, beating them 7-6, a fantastic achievement. And in their Women’s team beat Nottingham Trent 6-1. Really good achievements from this club & I am so excited to see what the future holds!

Our American Football team also play their games on the weekend. They have had some terrific wins against the likes of Loughborough, beating them 8-0 and Leicester beating them 25-14. Keep up the good work guys!

Onto Wednesday fixtures, yesterday saw the Men’s Football 1s take on Oxford Brookes and retain their unbeaten streak for this first term. What an amazing achievement boys, really well done!

I also got to watch our amazing Women’s Basketball team beat Birmingham in a closely fought game. Well done ladies a fabulous way to end the season.

What an amazing first term it’s been. Thank you to everyone who has played or supported. Without you guys we wouldn’t have such a fantastic department. Thank you also to the people behind the scenes. Nat, Rob, Sam, Amy and Matt, thank you all for doing such a fantastic job. You put your heart and soul into Sport at Coventry, so thank you for everything that you do.

That’s all from me for term 1, thank you so much to everyone that reads my updates or has given me positive feedback on it! I hope you all have a great Christmas & New Year!

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