Spring Elections, 18-22 March

CUSU Business Planning Away Day - Committees

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Black Students Committee

  • Attainment gap research. Martin Luther King Day. Work closely with cultural societies from minority ethnic groups to reach a wider range of students.
  • Panel talk Islamophobia. Articles on success stories of black professionals.
  • Chancellor Anthony Joshua.
  • Attainment gap survey. Experiences on campus.
  • Role model of the month


Carer/Part-time and Mature Students Committee

  • Events to bring in the students for one day to socialise and network (e.g. Summer barbecue). Family events.
  • Work more closely with course directors/faculties to engage carer, part-time and mature students.
  • Contact recruitment office and get information out pre-arrival – welcome events?
  • Advice on work-life balance.


Community and Safety Committee

  • SUAC videos/CU student experience (i.e. mugging, gas etc)
  • Booklet with emergency contact numbers given to all students (CUSU focus on well-being apps). Night time student led patrols.
  • Organise more campus events with external organisations such as West Midlands Police, Fire Service, City Council etc
  • Interview with police.


Disabled Students Committee

  • Work with friendly faces society more closely.
  • Subsidised activities in collaboration with disability services. Disabled students allowance (DSA). Mentoring / Note-takers.
  • Invite NUS Disabled Students Officer.
  • Campaigns? Accessibility guides to local venues/facilities.
  • Work on campaigns for the disabled history month. Role model of the month.


Employability Committee

  • Employability conference. Talks on interview tips, application tips, confidence building etc. Run sessions to develop people (timing, organisation)
  • Articles/Talks on interesting career journeys. Article on top things I wish I knew before I graduated. Employability needs audit and mapping. Better understanding of what a given student cohort needs and how existing provision caters and can engage them.
  • CEO/Managers from large organisations to discuss graduate skills expectations.
  • Employability skills survey.
  • Articles focussing on the direct correlation between student employability-based engagement and graduate recruitment in chosen fields.


Entertainment Committee

  • Theme Parks. Entertainment with current events to make them better. More communication/links with society events.
  • Involve a lot of students studying courses like events management, media/production etc to get involved and participate in the committee. Get involved with Freshers events and promoting it to students.
  • Getting satellite campuses invited and involved in events at CUSU (e.g. summer ball, city of culture events)
  • What do students enjoy doing? A social/going out survey.
  • What’s on - articles on events. Rising stars in the city?


Faculty Experience Committees (combined)

  • Own Freshers events by schools. Events relating to faculty interests outside of academia (e.g. in FBL they all have a business interest outside of courses). Use committees to get students more involved in the SU.
  • Events that create communities. Faculty Marketing.
  • Heads of S.E. Invite academic societies to committee meetings. Faculty based services points of contact. Sports team.
  • Surveys around extra-curricular activities offered in faculties.
  • Things faculty has done for student experience that students should know about. Meet the Deans/PVCs. Meet the info point staff. Showcasing faculty society events.


Housing Committee

  • Rate your property website, commercial aspect.
  • Break the housing market (e.g. deposits, summer tenancy). Futurelets contract. Ensure at least one elected officer and one other student gets onto the board of Futurelets.
  • Joint tenancy, Futurelets. Videos going out on social media and CUSU website highlighting key housing issues and tips, and also informing students of where they can get support/advice.
  • Regular housing fairs with set dates.
  • Warn students of bad landlords (rate your property website)


Inter-Faith Committee

  • Campaigns around Prevent/publicity video awareness. Pilgrimage trips to educate on different faiths.
  • Events bringing together different faiths/religions. Awareness of crime reporting.
  • Links with societies and places of worship.
  • What do students want more of (more visibility of) and how?
  • Faith society events. Days and activities that affect different faiths. Information on different faiths. Continue the Inter-Faith week legacy.


International Committee

  • Event - around the world in one day. An event that showcases food, clothing, and lifestyles from all over the world. Food! - Tie in with caterers.
  • Articles/campaigns “Did you know” facts about countries (check out Nas Daily on Facebook)
  • Providing event support to international societies.
  • International engagement with CUSU.
  • Introduction to different cultures videos.


LGBT+ Students Committee

  • Student-led training, link with CovPride, Policy Unit.
  • Link with societies.
  • Link with Pride. More networking with other SU’s. More campaign based activities – awareness, projects, articles, intersectionality.
  • Do you feel well represented within CUSU? If not, how could we work more effectively to improve this? (i.e. platforms, content, representatives)
  • Role model of the month.


Societies Committee

  • Working to promote/create awareness about the committee.
  • Bring back Society of the month. Society Ball. Society campaigns about different things.
  • Societies fest style event.
  • Articles on events/calendar on webpage of society events.


Sports Committee

  • Varsity, Sports Ball, Alumni showcase. Trips to watch sporting events. Help with Team Phoenix proposals.
  • Help with CU Active, decisions on club proposed projects, departmental projects, funding criteria’s?
  • University Sport, local sport charities/funders
  • Sport satisfaction survey, feedback for events.
  • Testimonials/experiences, historic games, introduction to sport, how to get involved.


Student Media Committee

  • Could be used/booked in multiple events.
  • Used as a TOOL in all projects/events. Run it more like a society and include in society events/training.
  • Work with all CUSU departments to create contents/news about events on campus.
  • Promote to different courses on campus, not just media students.
  • More equipment’s and visibility of the radio station. Online platform.


Sustainability Committee

  • Work with all CUSU departments to involve more people in sustainable activities.
  • More promotions, marketing across campus. Launch “new” Sustainability Policy. Invite Enactus to committee meetings.
  • Run more campaigns on campus and more involvement in Green Week.
  • Target university courses that don’t generally have modules on sustainability.
  • Working more with local community, BID. Sustainability vending machine – money back when returning bottles.


Volunteering Committee

  • Rewards for Volunteers (e.g. Volunteer of the month).
  • Socials, link to societies. Campaign/project to get all students to give 4 hours a year to volunteer.
  • Showcase articles – link to rewards for volunteers, volunteer of the month.
  • Impact of volunteering in the community.
  • Community partners/strategic community leads.


Wellbeing and Mental Health Committee

  • Fruit, Veg and Get moving awareness campaigns, to help the mind when studying.
  • Stickers to put on the back of ID cards with helpline contact numbers. Help to improve the provision of support with the university – the number of students has increased, the provisions have not.
  • Find out what support students have received and if it was adequate.
  • Self-help and relaxation techniques.


Women Students Committee

  • Women in STEM events.
  • More promotion of International Women’s Day.
  • Women in Design society collaboration.
  • Workshops (promote women empowerments hairdressing, make up, nail painting etc).
  • Events encouraging more women to apply for higher managerial roles within organisations (campaigns/workshops).


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