Spring Elections, 18-22 March

CUSU World Cup 2018

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Group A

Russia Luke Allen
Saudi Arabia Jodie Hession
Egypt Claire Scott
Uruguay Rob Eddon

Group B

Portugal Andy Bayston
Spain Lydia Robinson
Morocco Becki Smith
Iran Tracy Reay

Group C

France Sue Davies
Australia Holli Clark
Peru Sean Rafferty
Denmark Zach Featherstone

Group D

Argentina Abbee Pule
Iceland Liam Bligh
Croatia Claire Scott (2)
Nigeria  Becki Smith (2)

Group E

Brazil  Elaine Witham
Switzerland Stuart McCulloch
Costa Rica Danielle Bonsor
Serbia Alice Cross-Watson

Group F

Germany Emma Weir
Mexico Julia Magnus George
Sweden Ben Davies-Thompson
South Korea 1.25

Group G

Belgium Paul Muller
Panama Natalie Goulder
Tunisia Jodie Brown
England Sophie Dunne

Group H

Poland Lydia Robinson (2)
Senegal Elaine Witham (2)
Columbia Stuart McCulloch (2)
Japan Luke Beasley



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