TARUC Students Return To Coventry University

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A year has flown by and the TARUC students are back at Coventry University, as keen as ever to engage with the Students’ Union. Each summer a group of Malaysian students from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, a partner university, are enrolled on a course for semester three of their final year. If they successfully complete their intensive thirteen-week programme they will graduate with two degrees, one from TARUC and one from Coventry University.

For the last three years, the Rep Department has engaged with TARUC students, providing a platform for the Student Voice to be heard. This year we have seen a dramatic increase of students who are interested in engaging with the Rep System. To date we have 30 active Reps representing 139 TARUC students on all aspects of their student experience. You will recognise them across campus proudly displaying their ‘Reps lanyard’. It’s been a busy month for the Student Reps. They have already been through the application process, attended training and just yesterday had their first Student Voice Forum. In the forum over 20 pieces of feedback were raised as they look to get the most out of their time at Coventry. Many things were highlighted, from problems with their accommodation to the excellent standard of teaching they feel they are currently receiving on their courses. However, students were most vocal about their excitement to get involved in extra-curricular activities.

Could your department help? Could you put on an event or activity that will enhance their time at Coventry University? If so, why not get in touch with Zach from the Reps department and let’s make it happen!


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