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I started the month of February by engaging with students and informing them about ASM.

I proposed one motion and seconded one motion for All Student Meeting (ASM). Happy to announce, both motions were passed at the meeting.

I chaired the Education committee where we discussed about All Reps Conference 2018, embedding academic integrity into course reps job description and voting for the Rep of the month from each faculty. Amatey Doku (NUS VP EDUCATION) will be attending the All Reps Conference 2018.

Attended council meeting on the 5th of February, motions for ASM and other agenda where discussed. I updated the committee officers about the UCU strike, Coventry University did not take part in the ballot and is not part of any planned industrial action, so it is not likely to impact Coventry University students directly. For those students who are studying at Universities with UCU branches that have planned to strike, the following issues may arise; lectures cancelled on days of strike action, missed lectures and seminars due to strike action not rescheduled.

Attended academic affairs and Board of Governors on the same day, an update was given by the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Experience on “Coventry 2030”. Glad to know the university has a structured path for Student experience in Education till 2030.

Elections, Elections and Elections. Some candidates came into the sabb’s office for shadowing and I engaged in conversation with them. Later, made a video to let students know Why and how to stand in for spring elections 2018.

I attended Black Students Committee where we discussed about black history month and the events to organized.

I also went down to CU Coventry to support students having their exams; water, fruits and pens were given out.

I met with the Rep of the Month from different faculties and I gave them updates on our great achievements since I came into office and they also discussed some issues and I have drafted up an action plan for them all.

I took part in the Presentation interview for Director of Communications in the students’ union and happy to announce the best candidate has been employed.

I was invited for Chinese New Year Gala and it was a night of cultural bliss

Lastly, I had a meeting with the Assistant Manager for student voice (CUSU) and VP Post-Graduate (CUSU) where we went through all the students feedback from various faculties. Currently drafting up another paper to the university for them to note the trends in Student voice forums.

I end the update with this quote ‘The important thing is to remember that we should always stand for something, unless we will fall for anything’’.

Yours Faithfully


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