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November Update

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The month of November has been fascinating. I started by creating the survey questions around black attainment gap to be launched January 2018. The students’ union also drafted up a paper on “CUSU’s response to BME Attainment Gap’’ and that will be discussed in Quality in Learning and Teaching Committee (QUILT) on the 1/12/2017.  The paper gives details on the survey questions that will be asked and seeking support of the faculties, to work with the appropriate channels of information in faculties to remind academics of the guidelines regarding anonymous marking. To also work with the appropriate channels of information in faculties to remind academics of the simple process of establishing anonymous marking through TURNITIN.

I also visited the London campus and met with the university staffs to discuss how to implement the Reps system over there. That same day, I visited the National Union of Students HQ office to discuss the consultation on the new regulatory framework and the objectives of OFS (Office of Students). I’m happy to announce that the students’ union will be working with the university on a joint response. Furthermore, the new academic regulations that will commence September 2018 has been approved and my key interests are to ensure that student experience is at the heart of each workstream group across the university.

With the new committee structure at CUSU, I oversee three committees namely; Black Students Committee, Employability Committee and Education Committee. The second week of November was delegated to have introductory meetings and set out the plans for the year in each committee.

I attended the Board of Governors Half Day event and Meeting which was 6 hours long. A clear definition was given around the direction Coventry university Group are moving towards. Later, met with the deputy chair for Board of Governors and we discussed on staff/student ratio and the upcoming OFS, opportunities for international students to be retained after completion of their degrees and he is keen on working and dealing with those matters.

I end the update with this quote ‘The important thing is to remember that we should always stand for something, unless we will fall for anything’’.

Yours Faithfully



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