Disabled Students and Car Parking

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Blue Badge Scheme

According to Disability Rights UK, a person may get a Blue Badge to enable him or her to park the car near the places he or she wishes to visit if he or she has problems with walking, other mobility problems or a specific medical condition. It operates all over the UK and is recognised in all European countries but the operation of the scheme is difference in certain London boroughs and other large towns or cities in the UK. 

Red Car Parking Pass 

Coventry University may issue Red Car Parking Passes to the disabled students who did an individual assessment of their cases. The students who have been issued a Red Car Parking Pass from the disabilities office can park on any university car parking space for free no matter the staff or student car park. 


For a student to apply for the Red Car Parking Pass, they have to get a Disabled Blue Badge and submit a copy. The Pass is for the time they are at University as long as the Blue Badge is in date. They can park in any of the university car parks in the disabled spaces and need to display their Blue Badge and car park permit. There are forms for students to complete by email disoff.ss@coventry.ac.uk.


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